Pandilla LTD

(Pandilla LTD / Parama)

Pandilla LTD is a project comprised of three Portuguese individuals, heavily characterised by their deep and minimalistic approach to music.

Hailing from distant parts of the country, the trio formed itself organically and they are now an inseparable family, playing and producing their work together.

With a penchant for long and minimal productions, the collective’s music has found itself a place in the record bags of DJ’s like Rhadoo, Petre Inspirescu, Raresh, Titonton Duvante, and more.

Besides their own imprint, Tvir, Funhaus, Sleep Is Commercial, and Parama are some of the record labels to which they have contributed with their uncompromising music.




2018 – Triangulum Australe (Pandilla LTD)
2017 – Ordinary Chaos (Wurzel)
2017 – Sense Of Absense (Parama)
2016 – Languagy (Karton)
2016 – Street Manifest (Project London)
2015 – With Your Clock We Make Our Time (Pandilla TD)
2015 – Abstrick (Funhaus)


2017 – “Beath” on Diminutive 001
2013 – “Enchante” on Gua Limited 005


2017 – Galaktik Supermarket (Pandilla Galaktik Remix)

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