Artur Moreira was born in 1997 in the north of Portugal, and his appetite for creating his own music began early in his life. Since then he has been working at developing new production techniques in order to find evermore characteristic soundscapes that can already be associated with a lot of his output.

In 2016 he began releasing his music and has since then had records and single tracks released on Affin, Polegroup, Warm Up, Semantica, HAYES, Modularz, among others.

As a DJ and live performer he has already played at some of the best festivals and clubs in Portugal like Forte and Lux Frágil, and has also travelled abroad to play at clubs like Tresor and Moog Club.



2019 – I Will Guide Thy Hand w/ Temudo (Modularz)
2019 – Modus Operandi (Eternal Friction Records)
2019 – Faktor (Warm Up Recordings)
2019 – NORD 003 VA (NORD LTD)
2019 – Atue (Edit Select Records)
2018 – Modir (Illegal Alien Records)
2018 – Eliim (Att Series)
2018 – Marah – (Dynamic Reflection)
2018 – Nura (Faut Section)
2017 – Aglar/Hara w/ Svarog (Affin LTD)
2017 – XO w/ Svarog (Faut Section)
2017 – Conduction (Circular Limited)
2017 – Macula (Warok Music)
2017 – The Thirth Wave (Illegal Alien Records )
2016 – Full Collapse Fusion (Circular Limited)
2016 – Blackout (Labrynth)
2016 – Father Figure (Illegal Alien Records)
2016 – Oracle (Illegal Allien Records)

Date City Venue Country
23/11/19 Barcelos GATE 13 Portugal