Gonçalo is a well-known figure in the Portuguese underground scene, mostly for his sets and as the owner of the Helena imprint.

A digger by nature, it’s his passion for discovering new music that keep his performances fresh and exciting. A few big references like Juan Atkins, Daniel Bell, Moodymann, Theo Parrish, and DJ Harvey place him well in-sync with the history of house and techno music from the cities of Detroit, Chicago, New York, and London.

Gonçalo has also been the host of two highly respected mix series, Braulio176 and Salão Ático, spanning for over eight years. The latter also became a party in his hometown of Porto, with guests such as Fred. P, XDB, Steven Tang, Hinode, Esther Dujin, and more. As for the mixes, contributors included Move D, Prosumer, and Eli Verveine to name a few.

In early 2015 he decided to launch his own label, Helena, a vinyl-only imprint that has by now released records by Hinode, Ephemeral, Aleks, Module Werk, and Altitude. With a strong focus on visual aesthetics, the covers are made with black and white pictures taken by Gonçalo himself. From garbage to patterns, from textures to noise, Gonçalo aims to portray the vibe of the music on the covers of the label’s releases.

Helena’s latest accomplishment has been their integration in the Lisboa Electrónica Festival, one of the best Portuguese projects running, alongside iconic labels like Half Baked, Perlon and Tresor.

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