(Pandilla LTD / Pluie / Noir)

The youngest of the three, Diogo started playing early in 2007, but had already been heavily influenced in his childhood by music constantly playing at home. Having started to produce in 2009, Diogo joined up with Hélio and Tiago where together they could put their creative minds into sync. As the most prolific member he already counts with three solo releases, out on Gua Limited, Ruis, and Pluie/Noir.

Residing for two years in Berlin gave him a whole new set of skills to work with, and he got the chance to play in several acclaimed clubs like Club der Visionaere and Hoppetosse.

Hear a Diogo set and you’ll quickly notice the pronounced minimal overtones, but you’ll soon discover that his take on music is anything but narrow.




2017 – Tanto Amor – Pluie/Noir Recordings
2014 – Prpl EP – Ruis
2014 – Gua Limited 008 – Gua

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