Luhk / Zoy

(Scenario / Quality Vibe / Daro Recordings)

A raver since 1995, Pedro Lopes Avelino began his journey as an electronic music producer in 2007 through his alias Zoy.

The following year he started to play in Lisbon in places like OP Art and Europa After Hours. It’s also the year where he released one of his tracks for the first time, on a VA for Monocline Records.

In order to further pursue his musical ambitions, he moved to Berlin in 2009, and then again in 2010 to Brazil, where he played the Festival 303 and the memorable Dama de Ferro.

In 2012 he returned to Portugal and settled in the capital, where soon after he received an invitation to join the powerful collective Bloop Recordings.

A few years later he creates Cross Over, an event promoter who booked several standout national acts, as well as some internationals like Domenico Rosa, Riccardo, and Birdsmakingmachine. It was during this period that he decided to conjure up Luhk, a new project with different musical expressions from Zoy.

Like a true artist and mover, he kept on diversifying, and alongside fellow DJ and producer Temudo, he conceived the very successful event The Castle.

In 2017 he was able to present his first live performance at the Lisb-on festival, and he also had his work as Luhk pressed onto to wax for the first time, on none other than Sebo K’s illustrious Scenario.

In 2018 he begins a live project as Zoy with fellow agency artist Berllioz, which quickly yielded one of the best performances of the festival Lisboa Electrónica. In the meanwhile, as Luhk, he releases another 12’’, this time for Quality Vibe, which features a DJ Honesty remix.

He is now more committed than ever to work on and spread his music as a producer and a DJ, and we at the agency are more than happy to help him achieve his goals.



2019 – VA – RSD19/ Carpet & Snares Records
2019 – Luhk – 4 Portas EP / Daro Recordings
2018 – Luhk – Peças e Pessoas EP – Quality Vibe Records
2018 – Luhk – Fds Que É Químico (Original Track) VA / 3o3 Recordings
2017 – Luhk – Scenario 8 EP / Scenario


2017 – Luís Bravo – Basalto (Luhk Remix) / Raw Level Recordings

No shows booked at the moment.